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Weekly podcast of the Sunday Talk from the Columbia Center for Spiritual Living, Columbia, MD

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13 minutes ago

How do you define Oneness? And after you define it, how do you demonstrate your understanding of it in your relationships and activities? Dr. Tracy will challenge us to integrate our individual and collective commitments to Oneness into the way we live our lives.

7 days ago

Home is Where the Heart Is; As we live in and from our Hearts, which is the place of Love, then everywhere we go, we are at Home.  Everywhere we go, we are God in action.

Sunday Nov 20, 2022

“Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.” - Pierce Brown  Instead of trying to find a safe and accepting place “out there”, let’s explore returning to our true home that is with us wherever we go.

Sunday Nov 13, 2022

So often we look at tears as a sign of weakness or emotional instability when they can, if you are open to it, be a springboard to new thoughts and new experiences. Let's relish in the tears of our life; tears of joy, sadness, anger, love and those tears that we can't even explain. Let the Tears Flow!

Sunday Nov 06, 2022

Just as the seasons consummate Mother Nature's evolutionary process, so do we evolve in sync with their dance, perfecting their creative energies we have been nurturing throughout each season of our lives. Now we are ready to blossom into the expression in, as and through us.  The question is: How can we best prepare ourselves for the next evolutionary leap home to ourselves? A place right on the altar of our own being---just you and your higher self

Sunday Oct 23, 2022

As we become aware of the Presence within, we become the clear conduit through which money flows easily and effortlessly.

Sunday Oct 16, 2022

We are never alone and always supplied. Knowing this we are free to explore, remember, shift perceptions, deepen our gratitude and release emotions that keep us static, so that we can make the space to truly say, this or something better!

Sunday Oct 09, 2022

We can harvest ALL the Good God wills for us, providing ways we can recognize, align with, and stay in the divine flow that enables us to reap a joyfully vast array of God's good in all aspects of our lives.

Sunday Oct 02, 2022

In exact proportion as we learn to accept our inherent desire and ability to experience God’s Good, shall we. This entire proposal, as written above rests on one simple act: JOYful giving. Conscious giving is not a mind game it is a heart game, and our heart is the vessel of pure Love, fully present in the sacredness of all Life.

Monday Sep 26, 2022

In English, we don’t have that many words for the different experiences and expressions of love. We’re all pretty familiar with the often beautiful and wonderful personal kinds of love. This week, we'll explore Love as a divine attribute, as an idea in the One Mind, and mindful practices that help us experience that Love as we create a culture where safety, wholeness, and wellbeing thrive.


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