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Sunday Jan 28, 2024

In The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes wrote that the Divine contains all knowledge and wisdom, but, before the Divine can reveal Its secrets, It must have an outlet. We, individually and collectively as a community, become such an outlet to the degree that we become receptive to It.

Sunday Jan 21, 2024

In The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes wrote that the essence of the whole teaching of Science of Mind is Universal Energy, Life Itself, creating individualized centers of expression through humanity functioning at the level of its concept of this Universal Energy, Life. Imagine the creative power of a coalesced synchronized community.

Monday Jan 15, 2024

“Create or perish is the eternal mandate of nature. Be constructive or become frustrated, is an equal demand. (Columbia Center for Spiritual Living) cannot escape the conclusion that whatever this thing is which is seeking expression through everything, it can find satisfactory outlet only through constructive and life-giving creativeness. (Adapted) from This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes

Sunday Jan 07, 2024

Visioning is a simple yet powerful spiritual practice that transforms every aspect of our lives from clarity about our life purpose, to our interpersonal relationships, to the organizations to which we belong, and the societies in which we live. Join us for a special visioning service for the New Year.  

Monday Jan 01, 2024

Every day this year, no matter the circumstances, we can choose to feel blessed, be a blessing for others, and allow wholeness to be the lens through which we view our lives and the world.

Monday Dec 25, 2023

The birth and life of Jesus are metaphors for our own celebrations and disappointments. But in our most tender moments, we know that we are even more than that. Christ consciousness is the feeling of wholeness, allowing our natural compassion and our love for one another to reign.

Sunday Dec 17, 2023

The American writer Henry Miller said, “The moment one gives close attention to anything – even a blade of grass – it becomes mysterious, awesome, and indescribably magnificent.” By virtue of our holy place in the Universe, we are charged with the world’s enrichment.

Sunday Dec 10, 2023

In her book, Grounded: Finding God in the World, Diana Butler Bass wrote, “When we recognize our common humanity – when we recognize our own humanity in the face of the other – we also recognize the face of God.” There is a vision of love and wholeness deep within us all, an intuitive sense of our Oneness with God and with each other.

Sunday Dec 03, 2023

We are a part of a greater wholeness. Let’s learn how to be a reference point of this wholeness and how to live in harmony with all parts.

Sunday Nov 26, 2023

Bring your Thanksgiving Day extras to share during our first Sunday Brunch Celebration of Gratitude Service.


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